Kasturba Gandhi De-addiction Centre, Coimbatore
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Kasturba Gandhi De-Addiction, Rehabilitation and Research Centre

Statistics show that 2.5 million people die every year due to alcohol. Alcohol plays a significant role in causing 60 different types of diseases. Apart from doing damage to the body and mind, it creates problems to the people around. It breaks families. Seeing the ill-effects of alcoholism, Dr. N.Mahalingam, established the De-addiction, Rehabilitation and Research Centre in the year 1993.
First of its kind in Coimbatore, it was established to relieve people from alcohol and drug dependence. Alcoholism is a disease. The treatment here aims at total abstinence from alcohol/drugs for life and imparting positive changes in the behaviour and attitude of the individuals. The treatment plan has been drawn up to offer the patient medical help as well as psychological support that will help him recover. The family members are also educated and provided with guidelines to improve their quality of lives. The duration of the treatment is 10 days, during which the patients need to stay at the Centre itself and avail the help of experienced psychologists, counsellors and nurses to overcome addiction. Individual care and attention are given to each patient during the treatment process.

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Process of Deaddiction

Initial Screening & Medication

Initial screening is done to gain insight on the patient's potential for recovery. After admission, medicines are given to control withdrawal symptoms and to treat other medical problems.

Psychological Therapy

When the patient's physical condition is stable, he is given psychological therapy comprising of psycho education, individual psycho therapy, relaxation techniques and recreational activities.


Follow-up forms an important part of the treatment and is done for a period of 5 years, free of cost. Patients are asked to meet their counsellor every week initially and report their progress.

Relapse Prevention Programme

After completing 3 months of follow-up, a Relapse Prevention Programme is organised for 8 days. The programme focuses on maintaining abstinence and it includes assertive training, anger management, relaxation exercises and yoga.

Monthly Group Meetings

Patients and family members are encouraged to attend alcoholics anonymous(AA) and AL-ANON meetings held at the Centre on the last Friday and Tuesday of every month to help them stay strong in the recovery process.

Family Counselling

Families of the patients are educated on the relapse symptoms, recovery plan and its impact on the family. Counselling is provided to the family to help them cope up with the stress caused by the behaviour of the addict.

Suicide Prevention and Counselling Centre

Our Team

Anandhan, Kasturba Gandhi De-addiction Centre, Coimbatore Anandhan A

A psychologist who has dedicated his life to treat alcohol addicts, he has worked at the centre since its inception and changed the lives of many.

Dr.K. Raghunathan, Kasturba Gandhi De-addiction Centre, Coimbatore Dr. K. Raghunathan

Dr. Raghunathan is the medical officer here at the centre. A leading psychiatrist, he has 20 years of experience in this field.

Senthil Kumar N, Kasturba Gandhi De-addiction Centre, Coimbatore Senthil Kumar N

With 25 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, he offers expert counselling and therapy in the area of de-addiction.

Saramma, Kasturba Gandhi De-addiction Centre, Coimbatore Saramma

With 31 years of experience in nursing, she is the Head Nurse here. Her patience and passion towards work has helped numerous patients.


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