Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others


Under the vision of

Arutselvar Dr.N Mahalingam

A legendary Gandhian, Padma Bhushan Dr. N. Mahalingam was a patriotic and proud son of the soil. He hailed from a family in Pollachi that actively took part in the freedom struggle. Born in an agricultural background, he was an engineer and technologist by education, industrialist by profession, pioneer in modern sugar industry, philanthropist by nature and literary enthusiast by involvement. A scholar and a statesman, his interest in politics, agriculture, education, economics and religion were reflected in all his endeavours. Through his thought, body and action, Dr Mahalingam reflected the principles and values of the Gandhian philosophy.

MMM Charitable Trust was established by him in the year 1983 as an instrument for carrying out his vision of establishing institutions and organisations that work for the overall development of the society at large. Three decades of offering various services to the society, MMMCT stands as a testimony to Dr. Mahalingam's vision and purpose of life. There are 5 different centres under the Trust and each one offers a service that is indispensable for the progress of people.

Know about MMMCT Centers


- M K Gandhi


MMMCT Centres

There are five centres that work in the same campus under the MMMC Trust. Offering varied services, they converge on the same core values - promoting the welfare of people and communal harmony.

Each centre has been functioning for over 2 decades and have brought positive changes in the lives of many.

Gandhi Museum

Enlightening people on the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

Sakthi Thiranalayam

Empowering women with visual impairments through employment

Siddha Hospital

Endowing good health to people through the practice of Siddha medicine

Deaddiction Center

Eliminating the personal and societal harm caused due to alcohol addiction


Educating children with hearing impairments through the oral method of education


Mrs. Mahalingam Mariammal Managing Trustee
Dr. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar Trustee
Dr. M. Manickam Trustee
Mr. M. Balasubramaniam Trustee
Mr. M. Srinivas Trustee
Women empowered
Students educated
Persons Rehabilitated
Patients Treated